Do you have a skill or hobby you like to do, but have never had a business before? Would you like to learn how to start a business in your local community that fills a need in your area? Have you now graduated or still going to school part-time? It is a possibility, a good idea, might help local people and may contribute to your future! Then follow these simple steps:
1. See if any other businesses are providing the hobby/service you have in mind. What types of businesses exist? Are they locally owned? Are they franchises? Is there more than one business? Is there a business that has part of their business provide this product or service? Find out what advantages you may provide to these others? Check out how they provide their service? What prices do the service/products cost? If it viable maybe it can be done, if not maybe you can work in one of these businesses?
2. If there is a possibility it is viable then check with local town offices and chambers of commerce to see what information you can find out about running such a business. Try and get some statistical information. Find out what supplies you need. If you can’t find any information locally, check your state website. If this is not enough information check out your national resource site.
3. Once you have some viable information you should put it together in a business plan.
4. Next find out if you can get some information on funding your venture or how you are going to acquire your product or service through loans, leasing and shipping terms.
5. Start testing out your service with family and friends, focus on friends and friends of friends and get referrals written down or emailed to you that you can share with others to build you business.
In closing you can start a small business in your local community with the right resources, connections and help from local government or business referral assistance sources.
All the best, and happy adventures, you may never know where it leads you to or who you may meet and the stories you will learn from others. This is just a basic outline and tips, there are numerous resources online and in your local community.

By Laura

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