If you are starting a company or a business, the first priority is to develop a product or associate yourself with a product that is of the highest quality. This may sound like an obvious statement, but there are a lot of people who jump headlong into a business because they are in love with the idea of having their own business more than they are with creating a business with the right underlying elements. Some are also so convinced that they have the “right” product because they are the ones who created it. How many have watched the television show “The Inventor,” a reality program based on the “American Idol” format where budding inventors bring their inventions to a panel of judges who determine if their product is marketable? How many of these hopefuls, with the best of intentions and passion for what they are doing, unfortunately have a product that, obvious to everyone but themselves, is going nowhere? If you have invented something, created your own style of pizza, made a new fashionable set of furniture, or whatever the case may be, test your product out with a sample group of people to get their feedback first.
Once you get the feedback, make the improvements that you can until most everyone is in agreement. If after all is said and done, and most of the feedback is still negative, consider trying a different product or service altogether. The main thing here is to be flexible and open to making changes. The winners, in sports and in business are able to make adjustments without taking things personally.
If you are looking to start a business but want the security of working with an established company, there are many excellent opportunities to do so by developing a home based business. In many cases you can find a company to work with that requires very little if any investment and access to a high quality products. Several corporations actively seek budding entrepreneurs to market their products for them, plus give free training and support. It’s more important to find one quality product than a whole line of substandard ones. So, be smart and savvy about the whole process of starting your own business. The chances for success will be that much greater.

By Laura

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