10 Tips For An Awesome And SEO-friendly Blog Post

Writing for SEO purposes can seem contradictory to some. I disagree. If you want your blog to be SEO-friendly, you must make sure the keywords you are looking for are prominently displayed. However, keyword-using keywords can seriously hamper the readability and comprehension of your text. This is something you don’t want. A high keyphrase density could indicate to Google that your text may be overstuffed with keywords, which can have a negative impact on your rankings.

This article provides some tips for writing SEO-friendly blog posts. Both of these goals should be pursued together. We believe writing in an understandable language will bring you more visitors, and keep them on your website.

Before You Start: Do Keyword Research

Before you begin writing, you need to do a keyword search. To dominate search results, you must first determine what words your audience searches for. These are the topics that you should write about and the keywords that you should use in the text.

Once you have completed your keyword research and compiled a list of focus keywords for writing about, it is time to start writing. These are 10 tips that will help you create a great blog post.

Tips For Writing SEO-friendly Blog Posts

Your blog post must be well-written. Many bloggers simply start writing and type whatever they can think of when creating a new blog post. This may work well for those with natural writing skills, but it may not be the best approach for others. These are the rules I follow when I create a blog.

1. Before You Write, Think!

Before you begin, consider the message of your piece. What message do you want your readers to take away? Or what central question are you trying to answer? What is the purpose of your article What do you want the readers to do at the page’s end? Before you start, write down these questions and consider the search intent people may have. Looking at search results is a great way to gain insight.

2. Design A Structure To Support Your Post

Create a clear structure in order to write an SEO-friendly and readable blog post. You should include these elements in every post:

  • Some kind of introduction (in the context of which you introduce your topic);
  • A body is an area in which the main message is written.
  • A conclusion is a summary of the main ideas and/or a conclusion.

Write down in a few sentences what you want to write about each section. Now you have a summary of your post. This will allow you to create a well-structured and readable blog post. Now it’s time to start writing.

3. Use Headings And Paragraphs

Although everyone uses paragraphs, not all people use them well. You shouldn’t just start each sentence on a new page because it looks nice. Try not to make them too long. Each paragraph should have its own idea and subject. Consider the main idea behind each paragraph. This main idea should be summarized in one sentence. If this is not possible, or you need more sentences to illustrate the main idea, then you can add more paragraphs.

Proper headings will help your readers to understand the content of a particular section of your text. Subheadings are a great way to help people navigate your articles. These subheadings are important for readability and for search engine optimization. It’s also why I recommend using your keyword within some subheadings. You should use some because using your keyword in every subheading will make it unnatural and clunky. This will discourage people from reading any further.

4. Use Transition Words

People can scan your text to understand the relationships between paragraphs and sentences using transition words. Let’s take, for example, the three main reasons people should buy your product. Signal words such as ‘first of all,” secondly, and ‘finally should be used. Your readers will also notice words such as ‘however,’ similarly, and ‘for instance’. The reader will immediately notice that a conclusion follows words such as ‘to summarize’ or ‘in brief’. Transition words help to structure your text.

5. Use Similar Keywords

Your article may not be as attractive as it should be, but it could also make it less user-friendly. Google is becoming smarter and wants you to create content that people will love. Google doesn’t require you to use your focus keyword in every sentence. It has other ways to analyze the content of your text. Google recognizes synonyms and keywords that are related to your focus keyword to help it understand your text. Use synonyms and similar keywords in your copy.

While synonyms are easy to remember, it can be difficult to find the right keywords. Our plugin now has a new feature that allows you to quickly find similar keyphrases. …

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Starting a Business? Why You Need to Know Accounting

Accounting is one the most commonly outsourced competencies in small business. Busy entrepreneurs either don’t want to spend the time or aren’t confident in handling the books and decide it is easier to have an in-house bookkeeper or professional accountant in charge. It is also very common for these same entrepreneurs to pay dearly for that decision.
Accounting is the function that records the financial history of the business. Managed correctly, it provides an accurate record of money in and money out, such that it is easy to identify many internal problems through the financial reports produced by these records. Managed incorrectly, it is a waste of time, a misleading mess of false information, and potentially the difference between the ultimate success or failure of the organization.
Like any other profession, there are certainly tricks of the accounting trade that are best managed by, well, the professionals. But the fundamentals of accounting should be familiar to every entrepreneur. The way your books are set up and the accounts that are used to track income and expenses should be well known to the business owner, such that you could take over the tasks if necessary (or at least train a new bookkeeper).
The position of bookkeeper in a small business is the number one opportunity for don’t assume that just because your bookkeeper is “like family” that they won’t rip you off. It happens all the time. There are a million reasons that people skim cash from their workplace, and not all of those folks are hardened criminals. The best way to avoid any potential of employees or contractors stealing from you is to understand what is going on with your accounting system. Embezzlement is far easier for an employee or outsource professional who holds all the ‘t let someone else set up and manage your books on their own. At an absolute minimum, sit side-by-side with your bookkeeper or accountant while the accounts are established and make sure you absolutely understand every line.
In addition, accounting must be completely accurate to be useful. In many cases, business owners rely on periodic financial reports from the bookkeeper to assess the health of the venture. However, if the books are not kept correctly (all entries correctly assigned to appropriate categories, entries checked for accuracy), the reports are completely useless. And, should you need to secure second round financing, you could spend up to thousands of dollars to hire an accountant to clean up the books before a bank will even talk to you.
There are all kinds of horror stories that start with the business owner relinquishing all responsibility for their own accounting system. Embezzlement is a common one, as are tax problems and employee issues. One business owner in Chicago learned the hard way not to trust others with every detail of his accounting system. After 13 years in business, his home theater installation venture was growing at a steady pace. When the recession hit, the owner reviewed his financial statements and was confident the company would weather the economy.
Unfortunately, the professional, national, accounting firm he hired had classified his future contract sales as current when people started to cancel their orders, the company was in a serious cash crunch. Had the owner understood that the income category reflected money that was not actually in the bank, he likely could have taken steps to handle the reduction in work. Instead, he relied on the accountant’s reports until it was too late. He was forced to let his staff of 20+ without their final paychecks. He lost his business, he lost his house, and he learned a painful lesson. Had he taken the time to at least assist in setting up the company’s accounting system at the start, there would have been no confusion as to what the numbers on the report actually meant.
Though many entrepreneurs are eager to dump those pesky accounting tasks off to a bookkeeper as early as possible in the startup process, it is a mistake that can turn in to a venture-closing devastation. Protect your future and keep control over your business by learning the basics of your accounting system from the start.…

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Small Business on a Tight Budget

Are you tired of working for someone else? Have you been wishing you had more freedom and flexibility to work your day around your family or other responsibilities? Have you been considering starting a small business? Well, it is possible. There are more and more opportunities for people to live the American dream and make their hopes a reality. And there are many opportunities for prospective business owners to get the funding that they need to get their small business going.
Start up money is the biggest concern, and it is possible to obtain the start up from state grants through the government. There are also plenty of investors looking for a good place to put their money. And finally there are prior owners of businesses that will, in many cases, work with a prospective business owner to help them get established, take over the business, and have a set time period of which they will need to pay the business off in full.
But there are many small businesses that do not require much start up costs at all. Many businesses can be maintained and be run out of your own home. In this dot com age, there are many businesses that just require you to have a computer and a business license. If you have skills or talents that you can market, then it really will just be the marketing costs to get the word out there that you are in the business. Be creative with your marketing too and that will help keep costs down. For example if your business is an online business, then many other online businesses that are non competing will allow a reciprocal link to your site from theirs. This is a great way for online companies to help each other while helping themselves.
Once you have your small business going you want to have established clear cut goals for growth. Fortunately, there are many computer software programs that are designed for this very thing. Everything from payroll, to budget, to customer base for mail-outs can be found on good software that is made for the small business owner. Staying on top of what is going on with your business is key to your success. Write a mission statement before you even begin, post it where you can see it daily, and then proceed to do the things necessary to accomplish your mission to be a successful small business owner.…

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How to Make Money Shopping For Seniors

Many individuals just don’t find it cost effective to go outside of the home to work especially when the purpose is to make money to supplement the primary income. For a start the cost of transportation is getting out of control. Then there are baby sitting costs, even a work wardrobe and a lunch budget to consider. So let’s figure out how to make money by working from home.
Chances are if you are a stay at home parent you don’t want to be taking on extra kids to mind as a means to make money. What you may want to consider is services for seniors. Now the problem is that many seniors are on a fixed income and they can’t afford extra services. It is hard enough for them just to be able to afford food.
This is where you make money. No, you don’t have to feel guilty because you are not going to be ripping the seniors off; in fact, you are going to be doing them a great service. As the budget for most seniors is very tight their shopping budget has to be scrutinized carefully to get them through until their next pension payment arrives. As a result, many times they don’t get proper food especially fresh fruit and vegetables.
For them to buy these cheaper in bulk the quantity is just too much and they end up wasting it instead of saving themselves money. So here is where you come in by making up “senior fruit and vegetable packs”.
For example, you buy a bunch of bananas, a bag of apples, a bag of oranges, a pineapple, some apricots, some grapes and some blueberries, that’s seven types of fruit. Let’s say you paid $3 for each of these so you looking at a total cost of $21.
Now if you were to divide these into 6 portions and charged each senior $5 for their package, you would be making $9 and the senior would be getting a whole week’s worth of assorted fruit for $5. That would equal $20 per month on average for each senior and make you $45 every 4 weeks.
Do the same with vegetables. The senior would be paying about $20 per month for vegetables. Finally, you could do the same with the meat for approx the same price. You have now allowed the senior to feed themselves a good wholesome meal every night of the week for the entire month at a cost of about $60.
This means they only need to buy light foods for breakfast and lunch. Everyone has been able to make money here. You with your sales and the senior with what they have been able to save.…

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Is Buying a Franchise Your Best Option?

Many people looking to buy a business consider buying a franchise. After all, they think the franchisor has a cookie-cutter approach that can’t miss and they can just walk into the new business, which will be flush with cash. In the numbers I have read, four out of five new franchise businesses will not be around in five years. The numbers of franchises that fail are staggering.
Why is this the case? One reason may be that the franchisee does not have business experience and they do not know how to manage the business. Many people who buy franchises are “wowed” into only seeing the upside and not examining the downside. What things should a potential buyer be mindful of?
One thing that the buyer needs to see is a projected income statement for the year of purchase, preferably for each month of the first year and for the next several years thereafter. This is not something the franchisor normally provides, as the franchisor does not want to assume liability if the potential buyer does not make his or her numbers.
Since the potential buyer cannot receive these numbers from the franchisor, the potential buyer will have to assemble these numbers, perhaps with the assistance of their attorney or accountant, or both. Some of the numbers are available in the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular the franchisor must give you to inform you about the potential risks in purchasing the franchise.
It is important to know how much of the product or service you will have to sell to break even and how much you could potentially make. Most every franchise company charges a franchise fee as a percentage of sales. They also charge an advertising fee for regional or national advertising.
In addition, your franchise agreement may require that you buy all of the items necessary to make the product, or offer the service, from a vendor controlled by the franchisor. In this case, the potential buyer may not always receive the best prices, although the quality may be uniform. In many cases, the franchisor may have the right to approve where the franchise is located.
The franchisor may have located the site, negotiated and signed the lease with the owner of the property at a higher lease rate than the owner and the potential buyer would have done by themselves. The potential buyer then takes over the lease as a subtenant, not having any rights to the terms of the lease. All of these items are important as they have a direct bearing on the bottom line number you can potentially earn or lose once you own the franchise.
Many franchise agreements may require that the franchisee buy his or her equipment from the franchisor and is responsible to make substantial improvements to the facility to match the newer franchises as they come out. This may require additional investments in the future that you may not be prepared for at the outset.
Another thing to look at is the support and training you can expect from the franchisor. There is normally a training period for the potential buyer usually included in the cost of the franchise. However, each additional manager, or anyone required to have the training, is an extra cost for the potential buyer and needs to be built into the business model.
How long does the franchise agreement last? Some franchise agreements last for 10 years and then the franchisor can take them back. Some franchises allow the franchisor to pull the franchise back from the buyer for cause. Some are renewable by agreement between the parties. Each case is different.
The potential buyer should ask the franchisor for a list of other franchise owners the potential buyer can interview. This is important, as the potential buyer can learn what to expect in sales numbers, how the franchisor treats its franchise owners, how much time each potential buyer will expect to have to spend in the business and what kind of bottom line to expect based upon the business model supplied by the franchisor.
A potential buyer can see if the franchise owners are happy with their purchase or have “buyer’s remorse” after their purchase. All of that information is necessary for the potential buyer to make the correct decision as to whether or not to buy. After all, the best decision is an informed decision and for that you need as much information as possible.…

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Must Know Facts Prior to Company Registration

Company registration is one of the steps that a serious company owner must undertake. Before starting a business, it is essential to decide on its basic details including the name of the business, a clear plan regarding its operation, the objective for beginning the business, the name of the business managers, owner and if possible, the company secretary. After coming up with this information, you need to choose on a suitable method for company registration, appoint or hire an accountant, register for the VAT and open the bank account for the business.
After making these details clear, company registration will now be possible to be undertaken. It will also be possible to carry on with trade. When deciding on what company name to choose, you may decide to come up with a name that is peculiar for your business or decide to buy an off-the-shelf company which has a name under its incorporation.
By choosing to start a limited liability company, you obtain the legitimacy mark and a professional symbol for all the other businesses. During company registration, anyone can create a business name and call it a business. But, starting a business that will succeed takes effort and dedication. Although there are certain minimal costs, by undergoing company registration, you are putting up a legal instrument that will facilitate the running of your business. A good number of non-devoted entrepreneurs and other scam artists will do very little to go through the process of company registration.
A good company should have one director and shareholders. Besides, there ought to be some rules contained in the Memorandum and the Articles of Association. This is an important requirement needed in starting a business. The new company will be required to have an office where all official notices and other correspondence are channeled. Moreover, starting a business requires you have a new address.
Starting a business in Ireland can be done through several options. The common ones are ones that require one to go directly to the Companies House, utilizing a company formation service online, use of a contractor accountant or through a formation agent.
Before starting a business, it is vital you research on each of these options and choose the most suitable one. There are costs associated with each method. Most business owners find it taxing to use the direct method because of the numerous formalities and duration needed. Consequently, many entrepreneurs would seek the services of a professional to help them carry out the process of starting a business. There are several online agencies that are competent enough to help in setting up a company.
In Ireland, there is the Quick Company Formations which is out to assist solicitors, new business owners and accountants start up their businesses. You only need to visit their website, check out the available services and costs then place an order. They have been in the business for long and thus have the necessary experience and expertise required to enable you register a company. Apart for company registration, they also offer other services including company restoration, tax registration, and change of company name, and filing of the first annual return, among other services.…

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A Business School That Pays You Back For Starting a Legitimate Home Based Business

The ideal business for people who enjoy helping others. That is what Robert Kiyosaki has to say in his book Business School. The author makes an excellent case for the network marketing industry and refers to MLM as the business with a heart.
Robert Kiyosaki did not make his millions in network marketing. However he has spent a few years investigating it and has even joined a few companies. He then became friends with several leaders to get to the core fundamentals that he lays out in this book. Namely that the education you attain through network marketing is the highest quality business and personal development education available today.
I have often wondered why so many people that have already created great wealth have decided to become network marketers. The people I’m talking about are professional athletes and CEOs of big corporations. I have even heard the names of a few celebrities from the entertainment business that have started their own businesses this way.
I believe that it is our duty to open people’s minds to the possibilities. This book makes it easy for us to share the educational aspect to all of those that are stuck and feel there is no way out of their job or their debt. I know that I am going to purchase a few copies of this book myself to lend out to others. I think it is the perfect, non-invasive approach to get permission to share my opportunity with people that I know.
This book explains all of the benefits that are usually neglected in the business presentations generated by the various network marketing companies. It is written in an easy to understand language that is a joy to read. It is also a quick read at only 123 pages. It is perfect for lending out on a weekly basis with a built in reason for a follow up.…

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