Business Law – The Effects Of DDA On Web Designers And Owners

The DDA or more commonly the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 focuses on ending discrimination for people who are disabled. It gives disabled people right in employment, access to goods, facilities, services and buying or renting land or property. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 ensures that websites are available to the registered blind and people with disabilities. The Act makes it unlawful for a web designer or owner to discriminate against a disabled person by not providing a service which gives makes accessible to the public. From 1999, a service provider has to take adequate steps to change a practice which makes it difficult for disabled people to use the services offered online to the general public. For people who are registered blind or have visual impairments, the range of auxiliary aids or services which are reasonable to provide should be provided where necessary and this is the same with people who have hearing disabilities.
Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, you are required by law to make reasonable adjustments to a website that is available to the general public. It is fairly straightforward to be able to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, but it is recommended to comply with the provisions when creating the website for the first time rather than amending it later on, when there could already be a problem that has arisen.
The best way to establish compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 is to include a description of every picture or graphic design on the website; use links that are no nonsense rather than the usual ‘click here’ links for example; organise the website pages carefully, using headings, lists, paragraphs which make up consistent structures to the site; cascading style pay layouts and formatting are the best procedures to use when designing a website as it separates the page content and layout, which means that the disabled person who is looking at the website can chose how much they would like to see on the site. There should be no frames on the website, as they do not help visually; and tables should not be used to lay out the pages on the website as it is harder to access for disabled people.
For a web designer it is highly important that they are aware of the impact of not complying with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The client would sue the designer; therefore it is important to tell the client that the site does not comply to the 1995 Act at the moment to then cover the designer from any problems that may arise and then they can chose how to make it accessible for the general public as a whole including those registered with a disability.…

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Starting a Business Vs Remaining an Employee: Which Is Riskier?

Starting a business is definitely a risk. But so is remaining an employee. You just don’t always notice it.
Your continued biweekly paycheck is no sure thing. It’s important not to put all of your financial eggs in one basket, especially a basket as precariously positioned as the national unemployment rate.
As a salaried employee, it’s easy to become complacent. But don’t let your biweekly paycheck lull you into a false sense of security. That paycheck could stop at any time. If you’re thinking of your employment as a rock-solid fact, you’re doing yourself a disservice as far as getting an accurate picture of your risk.
There are risks involved in being an employee.
If 100% of your income comes from one single source, what will that do to your family’s finances if that source runs dry? Starting a business is a great way to take your destiny into your own hands.
As an analogy, consider your investment strategy. A diverse portfolio is a strong portfolio — if one of your investments tanks, it’s not going to cause you to dip into your retirement funds in order to survive; you’ll be buffered by your variety of other investments, and your investments will begin to even out again.
It may be valuable to think of your salary in the same way. If you lose your job, without additional sources of income, it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, to stay afloat.
But I’m a great employee — no one is going to fire me!
How many people caught up in the foreclosure nightmare of recent years though this exact same thing when they signed on the dotted line?
Even if you, personally, are confident in your relationship with your management and could never see yourself being laid off or fired, there’s another risk involved here: the future of the company itself. In the economic upheaval of the times, depending on the size and level of establishment of your organization, your company may suddenly find itself struggling to stay afloat (despite your individual dedication to helping it succeed). In other words, it’s hard for management to retain a valuable employee like you when there’s nothing to manage.
Starting a business doesn’t have to mean quitting your job.
Diversifying your income means just that: diversity. What are your personal strengths and skills? If you’re a graphic designer, consider starting a business on the side that you can manage during nights and weekends. If you’re an English major, consider freelance editing. You might even consider taking some classes to gain knowledge and experience should the unthinkable occur.
If you can build some individual credibility in your field on a freelance or part-time basis, you have a safety net to fall back on if you should suddenly lose your job. Without a second option, you could suddenly find yourself at square one.…

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The Problem With Outsourcing When Starting a Business

A great many startup “experts” now recommend that new entrepreneurs outsource as much of the noncore tasks as possible. The arguments sound logical – leave the work to the professionals; focus on your core competencies; don’t be distracted by accounting/marketing/whatever details. But there are a few problems with this advice that you should be aware of before you send your business out to be handled by others.
Consider the Source.
Much of the outsourcing advice comes from those who benefit from you choosing to outsource. For example, “free” websites with startup information are making the ad clicks and paid advertisements of outsource professionals! Check out the ads on and around these they convince you to hire one of those advertisers to do your work, they earn a piece of your fee. It’s not always bad advice, but be aware that they aren’t really providing you valuable information for nothing in return.
Is an Outsourced Business Really Yours?
Being a business owner is all about taking control of your work life and financial future. How much of that control are you willing to hand out to others? The job of an entrepreneur is more than just being your own boss. You are also your own accountant, attorney, sales staff, secretary, and janitor. If you only really want to play one of these roles, you might be better off working for someone else. Turning over too much responsibility to outsiders can be a huge mistake, especially if you don’t know exactly what they are doing for your business!
What you don’t know…
Many new entrepreneurs do not have a strong background in finance and accounting, or just plain don’t like to deal with numbers. Some figure it would just be easier to have someone else handle the marketing. Many believe the legal paperwork is just too complicated to do for themselves. The thing is that all of these skill sets are part and parcel to owning and running a successful business. It’s OK that you don’t know everything right now, but the trick is to use the startup process to learn all you can. After all, how can you pick the right professional to outsource to if you don’t know what you are looking for? Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s a good idea to let some stranger make important decisions for YOUR need to have your hand in everything, especially during the early stages.
The reality is that in business the bottom line is the bottom whole point is to make money. Turning over all responsibility to an outsource professional can be an enormous, irreparable mistake. They can’t possibly understand your business like you do, they can’t make the best, most strategic decisions for growing your company, and as long as you pay them their fee, there isn’t much motivation to go the extra mile. Business owners, especially those who want to make some serious money, must master the money matters on their own before handing it off to an outsider.…

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Entrepreneurs – 3 Points to Consider When Developing Or Buying a Business

The article is about 3 things that you should consider when you build or purchase a business. Starting a business is an incredible undertaking with the odds stacked against you. Read on for a few tips that will put the odds a little more in your favor.
When starting a business, you need to look at how the business is structured and also its place in history. Here are 3 tips that you can use to analyze whether your business has the highest chance for success:
1. Is the business fairly timeless? Are you following a fad, like selling Beanie Babies, or is this a business that will keep customers coming back no matter who is on the television. This is very important to consider, since you can get wrapped up in something that may make you a ton of money in the short term, but will dry up as soon as the fad wears off.
2. Can you expand the business? Any business that you start should have the opportunity to grow, hopefully somewhat infinitely. Do not go into a business venture that has a built in wall. If you are the business, for example, there is only so much work you can personally do without adding help. If there are a finite amount of customers that will eventually run out, or even a finite amount of resources available for growing the company; these are all reasons to shy away from a business.
3. As an entrepreneur, does the business offer you room to act creatively? Can you use your skills to grow the business, or is the business an old, immobile beast that is entirely resistant to change? Industries that are resistant to change eventually die off. If you are going into a business in an industry that has old thinking and refuses to budge, you may want to run the other way. Even if you are buying a business full of employees that aren’t willing to budge with new ideas, you may want to skip it.
With any business endeavor, also make sure you are having fun. You will spend way too many hours of your life starting your company and getting it off the ground to waste that time on something you don’t enjoy.…

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Picking an Intriguing Name for Your Startup

You have a great idea for your startup company. The idea of going into business for yourself has been brewing for a long time and you are finally ready to jump. The name of your company is key.

When it comes to choosing a name, you shouldn’t become obsessed but at the same time, you should understand that the most appropriate name is an extremely important part of your business and can definitely be a contributing factor when it comes to the success of your business. If the name that you have chosen for your startup is not the best, you may want to rethink that and rename the company.

Another thing to bear in mind when choosing a name is that you only have to pay for the name once and you will own it forever. It is important to be satisfied with what you have chosen so that you don’t have to go through the hassle at any time in the future of having to choose again. Additionally, if you have to change the name of your company, the longer you wait, the more expensive it will be.

There are many thoughts and factors that are important when it comes to choosing the name for your startup:

A description of what you do: The name should reflect what you do and what your startup stands for. A simple name is usually the best choice because it is easier than a more complicated name to remember.

A legal name: It is very important that you make sure that no other company has the same name as you have chosen and that the name is not trademarked to that other company. An easy way to find out if your name is unique is to go to .

A single-meaning name when spoken: Make sure that whichever name you choose cannot be interpreted more than one way when spoken out loud. An easy way to tell this is to tell someone the name of your startup and ask them to repeat it to you. You will be able to tell easily if there is any ambiguity in the name.

A single-meaning name in the search engines: If the name that you have chosen sounds like some other word, it will be harder for people to distinguish the name.

Your domain name can be obtained: When you try to register your domain name, you should have chosen a name that has not been registered by anyone else yet and can be purchased by you for a reasonable price. Your domain name should be simple, memorable, and should not have any punctuation in the middle of it. You want people to be able to type it easily. Also regarding the domain name, make sure that you get a name that has extension and . The reason why this is so important is that when people type in your company name and hit enter, it will go directly to your website. It won’t happen that way with the other two extensions.

A short name: A short and simple name is best. The longer your company name, the more letters other people will have to type when they are writing about you and your company. When it comes to people tweeting about you, remember that there is a 140-character maximum for each message. You want to take up as little room as possible.

An available Twitter handle: You should try to choose the simplest Twitter handle possible (and a handle that is as close to the name of your startup as possible).

An available Facebook page: A great way to test this is if you go to http:// See what happens after that. You can also do a search on Facebook and see what comes up.

The first letter of your company’s name: The first letter of your company’s name should be a capital letter. The reason that this is important is that a lot of people will misspell the name of your startup if you have it starting with a lowercase letter. That won’t be good for your business. There is an interesting theory that if you want to raise a large amount of money for your startup, you should give your company a name that begins with either an “S,” a “C” or a “T.”

Vowels and consonants: Make sure that you give your startup a name that sounds like an actual word. It will cause fewer problems for other people.

Work in the main keyword: If possible, try to work in the most important keyword for your startup into your name. This is very important for search engine optimization (SEO) and it also lets your website visitors get a sense of what your business has to offer.

The meaning behind the name: …

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A Business School That Pays You Back For Starting a Legitimate Home Based Business

The ideal business for people who enjoy helping others. That is what Robert Kiyosaki has to say in his book Business School. The author makes an excellent case for the network marketing industry and refers to MLM as the business with a heart.
Robert Kiyosaki did not make his millions in network marketing. However he has spent a few years investigating it and has even joined a few companies. He then became friends with several leaders to get to the core fundamentals that he lays out in this book. Namely that the education you attain through network marketing is the highest quality business and personal development education available today.
I have often wondered why so many people that have already created great wealth have decided to become network marketers. The people I’m talking about are professional athletes and CEOs of big corporations. I have even heard the names of a few celebrities from the entertainment business that have started their own businesses this way.
I believe that it is our duty to open people’s minds to the possibilities. This book makes it easy for us to share the educational aspect to all of those that are stuck and feel there is no way out of their job or their debt. I know that I am going to purchase a few copies of this book myself to lend out to others. I think it is the perfect, non-invasive approach to get permission to share my opportunity with people that I know.
This book explains all of the benefits that are usually neglected in the business presentations generated by the various network marketing companies. It is written in an easy to understand language that is a joy to read. It is also a quick read at only 123 pages. It is perfect for lending out on a weekly basis with a built in reason for a follow up.…

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Business Ideas

Are you looking for great business ideas? Are you looking to earn extra income on top of what you’re already doing? Are you tired of a dead-end low paying job? Maybe you’re just board with what you are doing right now and want to find something new and more exciting. If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you are in the right spot.
You also might be asking this important question about starting a business. Is this a good time for a business start-up with the way the economy is right now? My answer to you is yes. I find that no matter what the economy is, good or bad it is a lot easier to start a business of your own than it is to try to find the right job. The trick is to finding an interesting, low-cost yet profitable business to start. Well, I have a good one for you to add to your list of business ideas.
How about starting a professional window cleaning business? Why? You will never run out of dirty windows, you will never run out of people who would love to pay you to do the work and the skill is not that difficult to learn.
This business is also great because you can generate immediate income as soon as you start. You will also be surprised at the small amount of money you will need to invest for the business start-up. Every day operating costs is minimal compared to the amount of money that you will put into your pocket. Most of the time, you will get paid at the completion of each job.
This could be just the ticket you’re looking for. The window cleaning business is never boring because there is plenty to learn about the industry as you go. You will constantly be meeting new people. You will find that every day is an adventure in itself. You will get to move from place to place, work indoors as well as outdoors.
Another advantage to owning your own window cleaning business is that you can do this full-time, part-time or just do it on the week-ends for that extra income. If you go full-time, you will actually become your own boss. You will be more in control of your own precious time by scheduling the amount of clients that you want. You decide the days you get off instead of the other way around. You will be able to take control of your own future instead of someone else telling you what your future will be.
Just remember that great business ideas start with a dream and then it is up to you to make that dream a reality. I would highly recommend doing further research on starting a business to cleaning windows.…

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