What Help Will I Get in Business?

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There is a great deal of help available when you start in business. You will get help from your bank manager – remember he will be looking after the banks interests first. Business Link is there to help when start ups, depending on what your business there may be funding available to help you obtain a web site or marketing etc. From my experience with both banks and Business Link the people who are advising you have never been in business before – they advise newcomers to business what they should be doing without ever having been in your position.
Will I get help if I start a business? That is a question I hear time and time again when people are thinking about starting up. The answer to the question is YES, help comes in many forms and from many different sources. I have mentioned help from the bank and Business Link. There are other organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Federation of Small Businesses and local business organisations. With these organisations in most cases there will be a fee to join, they will organise monthly meetings giving various information to those in business and with the view of networking.
These days if I am asked the question ‘What help is available” I would always tell people my suggestion would be that they start a business where you have a mentor. You may ask what is a mentor, how will a mentor help me? A mentor has been in the business longer than you so is someone you can turn to if you have a problem because they will have encountered the problem before. A mentor will help you from as your start your enterprise, helping you grow, bringing new ideas to help you move forward. you. In this day and age because of the internet we can have a mentor who lives miles away, we can communicate by phone, mobile, e mail or by Skype. What a great way to start a business with someone to turn to for help along the way. Starting a business hasn’t been so easy.
Having been in business for many years the one thing I like about today’s opportunities is the help you get from a mentor, recently I started a business in internet marketing. Not a field I was familiar with but realised that this is the way forward in business. Having taken the first step I was amazed how much help and guidance I was given from my mentor. I only wish this help had been available years ago.