So you are planning on launching your own start up or are just getting a new venture off the ground, what is the optimal workspace?
For many opening a brick and mortar office or retail store can be an exciting proposition. Going shopping for space and equipment and decorating it can be fun. However, this does not mean that you will be more profitable. In fact, the traditional way of setting up even a small sized office, with equipment and a phone system, etc. will likely put you back at least 10,000 when all is said and done. Then add several thousand per month in on going overhead, which all comes out of your bottom line. If this is an investment which provides a great return every month that is one thing, though very few start ups really need this type of set up, nor will it produce any higher profits. If you are really in love with the idea the consider whether a retail storefront is a better financial move. Though recognize that the odds are you don’t need it and this is just fueling vanity, which is fine if you have the extra cash.
Perhaps you are thinking a home office is the way to go. The lure of being able to work from home and set your own hours is certainly attractive. It definitely means being able to operate on minimal expenses so that you can maximize profits. Plus it packs in many savings that you are probably overlooking right now. This may be the ideal solution for you and truly give you the freedom you have been looking for. However, for some working from home can turn out to be a frustrating experience especially when you have a partner demanding your attention and kids running riot. With a little strategy and cooperation you can make it work, though you may still find moments when you really need to get out and work from somewhere else.
This is where the executive suite concept becomes a great choice for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for the optimal workspace solution. It provides not only a professional business address but meeting facilities when you need them and a fully connected private office when you need it. You can maintain an office full time or simply utilize the business center when you need to by the hour. This is perfect for when you need to get in some critical, uninterrupted work, the kids are on a school break, you have house guests or your home Internet goes out.
Though beyond, where you will work, creating the optimal workspace for your new venture also means creating the ideal conditions for maximum productivity and innovative thinking. This can be as simple as having your own corner of the house with multiple screens and whiteboards set up. Or investing in a standing workstation that encourages constant productivity and even helps you to keep in shape and avoiding those extra pounds that creep up from sitting down for hours on end.

By Laura

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