Starting your own business can be an exciting investment. Whether your business is your passion, or just a genius plan that you developed, it is important to know the facts about starting a business before you invest. Many people have misconceptions about what starting a business entails. In order for your business to have a fair shot at success, you should be aware of what to expect. To help clarify things, we’ve compiled a list of myths and facts about opening a small business.
Myth: If all goes well, my business should start turning a profit in 6 months.
Fact: The sad truth is that even successful businesses do not start making a profit until several years after start-up. Because overhead costs for most businesses require large loans or investments that must be paid back, even a booming business will not make a true profit until all the initial start-up costs have been paid off. Typically, a successful business will begin generating pure profit after 2 to 3 years.
Myth: The government gives out special grants to small businesses.
Fact: This is just simply not true. There are no federal grants that go directly to small businesses. The best way to pursue financing your business is by contacting your local Economic Development Corp (EDC) office.
Myth: I can pay myself as much as I want!
Fact: Unfortunately, this isn’t part of the deal. While you theoretically could pocket large sums of money at the beginning, you will most likely only be hurting yourself in the long-run. Most of the money that comes in should be reinvested in the business, or used to pay off expenses. Even if your business has been booming for a decade and all expenses have been paid off, the IRS includes a clause that does not allow a business owner to pay themselves an “unreasonable compensation.”
Myth: My product/service will sell itself.
Fact: This is a very dangerous attitude to have when starting a business. Products do not sell themselves. Marketing is a crucial component to any business’ success, even if your product/service is the best thing to enter the market since sliced bread. Talk with a marketing professional who can assist you with building a website, creating a logo, printing business cards, and spreading the word about your business.
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By Laura

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