The word seems to be out that network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) isn’t what it used to be. Some people are saying “yeah!” and others are saying “oh no!”
Network marketing is just that; it’s marketing. Marketing is an ever-changing commodity. It’s influenced by media, advertising, transportation costs, customer demand, supply, climate, etc. Marketing is ever changing. Our world is ever changing. So, why should MLM be any different?
One thing that will always remain constant, however, is that it is based on developing relationships, and that is what makes it different from conventional marketing (manufacturer to wholesaler to customer).
This type of business is very appealing to anyone who enjoys interacting with people and wants to create another income stream. And, you certainly can’t argue that it’s a pretty sensible system – manufacturer directly to the customer.
The internet has had a major influence on MLM. Some have grabbed the explosive opportunity and run with it, and others are still wondering “what happened?” The internet is a tool that allows communication at levels that have never been seen before. There is an endless supply of systems, sales pitches, opinions, etc. Take them all with a grain of salt.
MLM compensation plans can sometimes be less appealing for those looking for a quick buck without much work because it usually takes time to build a downline that is really profitable and sustainable. Because of this, the attrition rate today can be cruel! We, unfortunately, are living in the age of “I want it now,” so people jump in and out at record rates – they’re looking for the “Big Thing” and will keep on looking, and looking and looking forever. They keep believing the “get rich quick” promises.
This particular industry is the same as any other business – it’s a business, and it has to be treated like a business and not a hobby. Unfortunately, many people who go into it don’t think about this, and many are not business savvy in any way. There’s plenty of information available on how to operate a successful business, but, hey, that’s work, too! Which then would mean it’s not instant riches.
Yes, network marketing has changed. There are opportunities that never existed before. Because of the internet, there are thousands of MLMs that are launched every year. How many of them survive or are legitimate? Not all, by any means. There’s a vicious fight going on among these marketers all the time for the dwindling supply of warm bodies looking for an MLM business. Because of that, there are some pretty ridiculous promises and sales hype being broadcast constantly across the internet.
For anyone looking with interest at creating another income stream or full-time business, this could be for you. It can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. Make sure you check out any opportunity you are looking at VERY carefully, do your due diligence, get the business information you need and treat it like a business. And beware of anyone who says you only need to work a few hours a week. It just ain’t so!
I’ll leave you with perhaps the most exciting development of all – the advent of SOCIAL NETWORKING as a marketing tool! As I said, it’s a relationship business – always has been, always will be. It’s just different now. You no longer have to pitch your friends and family. Go to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and meet all the people you want. You’ll make great friends, and everyone is looking for MORE MONEY!

By Laura

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