Starting a Business? Remember, It’s Not What’s in it For You, It’s What’s in it For Your Customers

If you are starting a business it’s oftentimes easy to forget what the main focus should be. The answer is an all too obvious–the customer! Even though most everyone knows this, we all can get caught up in a self absorbed, ‘what’s in it for me attitude.’ Of course, no one goes into a business totally selflessly, no matter how philanthropic a pursuit it may be. Even in these cases, an individual is seeking something for what he or she is giving, whether it be personal fulfillment, admiration, a reward in the afterlife.
A search for meaning, etc. Nevertheless, for any endeavor to be successful, the attention should always be on the recipient of your giving, of your product, of your service, or whatever the interaction entails. Put your mind in the head of your customer, and what he or she wants, and your chances for success will be so much greater. For instance, are your customers really interested in how many years you have been located in the same spot, or how cute your kids are in your commercials? No, they aren’t. They care about what’s in it for them. They want their needs fulfilled.
So, the bottom line is that if you fulfill your customers needs yours will be fulfilled also. This is not original advice, nor is it particularly insightful. It’s just a gentle reminder from the author of this article who has sometimes forgotten himself where the focus should be. You can change your advertising campaign, online marketing promotion, decor of your store, or whatever the case may be to increase sales and revenues, but real change won’t happen unless your customers’ needs and desires are met. If they are, you’re in business!