How to Make Money Shopping For Seniors

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Many individuals just don’t find it cost effective to go outside of the home to work especially when the purpose is to make money to supplement the primary income. For a start the cost of transportation is getting out of control. Then there are baby sitting costs, even a work wardrobe and a lunch budget to consider. So let’s figure out how to make money by working from home.
Chances are if you are a stay at home parent you don’t want to be taking on extra kids to mind as a means to make money. What you may want to consider is services for seniors. Now the problem is that many seniors are on a fixed income and they can’t afford extra services. It is hard enough for them just to be able to afford food.
This is where you make money. No, you don’t have to feel guilty because you are not going to be ripping the seniors off; in fact, you are going to be doing them a great service. As the budget for most seniors is very tight their shopping budget has to be scrutinized carefully to get them through until their next pension payment arrives. As a result, many times they don’t get proper food especially fresh fruit and vegetables.
For them to buy these cheaper in bulk the quantity is just too much and they end up wasting it instead of saving themselves money. So here is where you come in by making up “senior fruit and vegetable packs”.
For example, you buy a bunch of bananas, a bag of apples, a bag of oranges, a pineapple, some apricots, some grapes and some blueberries, that’s seven types of fruit. Let’s say you paid $3 for each of these so you looking at a total cost of $21.
Now if you were to divide these into 6 portions and charged each senior $5 for their package, you would be making $9 and the senior would be getting a whole week’s worth of assorted fruit for $5. That would equal $20 per month on average for each senior and make you $45 every 4 weeks.
Do the same with vegetables. The senior would be paying about $20 per month for vegetables. Finally, you could do the same with the meat for approx the same price. You have now allowed the senior to feed themselves a good wholesome meal every night of the week for the entire month at a cost of about $60.
This means they only need to buy light foods for breakfast and lunch. Everyone has been able to make money here. You with your sales and the senior with what they have been able to save.