A Business School That Pays You Back For Starting a Legitimate Home Based Business

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The ideal business for people who enjoy helping others. That is what Robert Kiyosaki has to say in his book Business School. The author makes an excellent case for the network marketing industry and refers to MLM as the business with a heart.
Robert Kiyosaki did not make his millions in network marketing. However he has spent a few years investigating it and has even joined a few companies. He then became friends with several leaders to get to the core fundamentals that he lays out in this book. Namely that the education you attain through network marketing is the highest quality business and personal development education available today.
I have often wondered why so many people that have already created great wealth have decided to become network marketers. The people I’m talking about are professional athletes and CEOs of big corporations. I have even heard the names of a few celebrities from the entertainment business that have started their own businesses this way.
I believe that it is our duty to open people’s minds to the possibilities. This book makes it easy for us to share the educational aspect to all of those that are stuck and feel there is no way out of their job or their debt. I know that I am going to purchase a few copies of this book myself to lend out to others. I think it is the perfect, non-invasive approach to get permission to share my opportunity with people that I know.
This book explains all of the benefits that are usually neglected in the business presentations generated by the various network marketing companies. It is written in an easy to understand language that is a joy to read. It is also a quick read at only 123 pages. It is perfect for lending out on a weekly basis with a built in reason for a follow up.