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Monetizing Lists – How to Make Money Online

Show me a marketer who has a great opt-in list, and I’ll show you someone who knows how to make money online. People who use opt-in lists know how to make money online, because they realize just how valuable opt-in lists are. Opt-in lists consistently earn revenue for their operators. If you don’t already have one, you definitely need to start an opt-in list. If you already have one, then focus on making it better.
There are a few important points to remember when building an opt-in list. First of all, make sure you build a strong relationship with your subscribers. This relationship should be based on mutual trust and respect. Only market high quality products, and ALWAYS be honest with your subscribers. This will earn their trust. In turn, they will be more likely to buy your products or visit your affiliates.
1. Utilize affiliate marketing through email lists. You can make a lot of money by promoting other people’s products. Make sure you always cloak your affiliate link, because cloaking provides added security and professionalism. Assess the product and its qualities. Don’t describe what a product is. It’s better to describe what a product does.
2. Market your own products to members of your list. Offer discounts to your subscribers. Your subscribers will love this, because they will feel that they are in on a special deal. Also, rewarding your subscribers will only help your sales. You can also increase your customer base this way. The members of your list will start to spread the word about your products and services.
3. As far as services go, you might want to provide service-based subscription discounts. People who buy services are always looking to snag a long term discount. In turn, this will generate more money for you.
4. Forge business relationships with select members of your list. You might want to offer some of your subscribers the ability to be an affiliate marketer for you. It’s standard to offer subscriber marketers about 50% commission. This will give them the incentive they need to aggressively market your product. It also helps them to earn an income. This means they will have an extremely positive association with you and your product. You will be able to generate a lot more sales this way.
These four guidelines will boost your Internet marketing campaign. Opt-in lists are great because they are very specifically targeted. Also, opt-in lists give you the chance to directly contact your customers and even receive feedback. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Utilizing the above steps will bolster your sales, and you will be amazed at how much revenue you can earn.
Remember that opt-in lists are customizable. You need to always improve upon your opt-in lists. Stay abreast of current trends in products and services so that you can make the best offers to your subscribers. You need to be known as a market leader, and you can show your leadership through your opt-in list.…

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Structuring My Business to Save Tax

Whether you are a new business or have been trading for some time, you will at some point wonder whether you should you think of incorporating your business. Is it best to trade through your own limited company rather than as a sole trader or partnership? It’s a very good question to ask for both business and potential tax reasons. In general, it makes more sense to incorporate for business reasons rather than just to save tax, as the tax regime changes and any planned savings may no longer be available.
In some sectors, such as IT contractors, it is hard to obtain contracts unless you trade through a limited company. The reasons for this are not always obvious; it is just the way things are. If you are taking risks such as in ordering large stock for an order that could be cancelled, then there can be a real benefit in the limited liability offered by trading as a company. Your own possessions are generally protected from any claim made against the company. However, in many situations, taking out a good insurance policy is all you need.
Perhaps most significantly though, a company structure makes it easier to involve outside investors in the company. Any business seeking to involve new investors will find it easier to structure the business by issuing or selling shares rather than complicated partnership agreements.
There can be tax advantages in trading through a company as there is also more flexibility in handling the owner’s remuneration in such a way as to minimise the tax liability. Limited Companies are taxed on their trading profits, in addition to other sources of income such as interest and rent, and corporation tax is assessed after any owner’s salary has been deducted. It is possible therefore to adjust the amount taken from the company in any one tax year, as well as the way in which it is taken out. Some profits can be retained in the company if the owner would otherwise be likely to pay higher rate tax personally.
For sole traders all income is taxable on their business profits, in addition to any other sources of income. There is little or no flexibility for deferring some of those profits to another year if you happen to have a particularly good year and are taxed at the higher rate. An additional advantage of a company is that shareholders can take profits as dividends which do not attract National Insurance Contributions. It may not sound exciting but significant savings can be made by an appropriate remuneration strategy.
The company will be regulated by Companies House, which has strict rules for reporting trading accounts and for the conduct of directors and other company officials. You will need to be satisfied that you can manage the additional administrative burden. You can always start as a sole trader and later incorporate. In fact, this is a common route when a new business is unsure of how large it will grow and whether the savings will outweigh the costs. It may be that there is also a potential tax saving on incorporating the company but this will depend on whether there is any realistic goodwill in the business.
To consider this and other issues properly, you will need to consult a professional advisor. Incorporating tends to be a decision business owners make a few times at most over a lifetime, and it makes sense to consult an experienced expert before acting.…